1 JABALPUR An original song portraying impressions of India. A great groove by Gerry and John Giblin sets the foundation for some virtuosic soprano sax playing by the brilliant Jerry Underwood. Listen out for lovely Kora playing by Ravi.

2 LOVELY JOAN A typical traditional folk song given the GJS treatment! Building throughout, it follows the narrative of the heroine who escapes the approaches of a lusty suitor! Featuring Mike Piggott on violin and vibey sequenced synth (‘the Clangers’).

3 ABOUT THYME Miles Bould and Gerry Conway set the scene over gentle sequenced glockenspiel for this beautiful traditional song. Note the subtle shifts in groove from a straight 2 to a lilting 3 feel. The wonderful end soprano sax solo literally grows from Jacqui’s last note!

4 FACTORY GIRL Ralph McTell guests with Jacqui in a typical folk song full of nineteenth century imagery and class barriers. The whole impression is enhanced by the superb playing of Tony Roberts on Northumbrian pipes. One of the first songs that Jacqui, Gerry and Spen arranged together.

5 WOULD YOU? A gentle and very personal song. Listen out for the sensitive accompaniment by Scott Firth and Albert Lee. Jerry Underwood supplies the perfect accompaniment to Jacqui on this lovely ballad.

6 LITTLE VOICES (Leah’s Song) Jacqui’s young daughter Leah supplied the idea for this song by asking her mum about what she hears in her mind – her conscience! A successful foray into MOR for the project - There’s even a Moog solo!

7 SANDWOOD DOWN TO KYLE In complete contrast to the preceding song this Dave Goulder song features the atmospheric and great playing of Dave Heath (flute). An epic arrangement, this song tells of the road leading down the western highlands of Scotland and portrays a restless desire to never leave.

8 INDISCRETION As a youngster Jacqui was always hearing classic standards on the family gramaphone. Her love for them is illustrated here in a lovely rendition of a song from the 1953 film Indiscretion Of An American Wife. Tony Roberts (tenor sax) adds to the jazz ballad atmosphere.

9 DON’T TURN ON THE LIGHT Steps Ahead vibes player Mike Mainieri guests alongside John Martyn (guitar) and Albert Lee (guitar) in this dark song of fear and stark reality in Northern Ireland in the 1980s. The relentless nature of the subject is reflected in the insistent groove over which are interwoven rich and varied musical textures.

10 THE WIFE OF USHERS WELL America provides the setting for this classic traditional folksong with Jim Riley (harmonica) and Mike Mainieri (vibes) providing perfect accompaniment to Jacqui’s voice. Although not structurally a ‘blues’ the influence is obvious and provides a suitable ending to the album.

Debut 1995 album by Jacqui, Gerry and Spen - Lead to the formation of Jacqui McShee’s Pentangle.


Jerry Underwood saxes, Ralph McTell vocals, Albert Lee guitar, Mike Mainieri vibes, John Martyn guitar, Tony Roberts sax, Northumbrian pipes, John Giblin basses, Scott Firth guitar, bass, Miles Bould percussion, Peter Lockett percussion, Dave Heath flute, Mike Piggott violin, Ravi kora, berimbau & Jim Riley harmonica

Produced by Jacqui, Gerry and Spen - Recorded at Elephant Studios, Wapping, London 1995

Engineered and mixed by Matt Butler - Mastered by Nick Webb at Abbey Road Studios