1 BANKS OF THE NILE New direction for the project in this impressionistic arrangement. Beautiful kora playing and overtone singing from Ravi intertwines with intricate piano textures - all adding to the nineteenth century North African imagery and subject matter of the song.

2 NOTHING REALLY CHANGES Firmly back in the present with this blues rock number about the cyclic nature of human existence - both accepting but optimistic. Great classic blues guitar by the talented Alan Thomson.

3 ACROBAT Growing from a few chords Spen was messing about with this track ended up as a favourite of the band both on record and live. A fun dig at folk who think they rule the world but end up the clown! Fantastic New Orleans razzamatazz playing by Gary, Nathan Bray and Barnaby Dickinson as well as Spen’s impression of the Andrews sisters...

4 NOW’S THE TIME Spencer’s recording debut as lead vocalist here in a song inspired by our stressed out times...and so much traffic.

5 HOT AIR - HOT NIGHT Hi-life rooted song having its beginnings during the formative sessions for the About Thyme album.  Featuring the brass and Fender Rhodes during an extended play out.

6 NO SWEET SORROW Co write by David Hughes, Jacqui, Gerry and Spencer. An all acoustic song about love and its trials.

7 SOVAY A mainstay of the original Pentangle set in a retro, almost funk setting. Another fine long play out featuring the musicians improvising over the tight groove.

8 TWO MAGICIANS Blockbuster imagery and arrangement from the delicate start right through to the full on sonic storm towards the end. Fantastic solo by Jethro Tull guitarist Martin Barre.

9 YOU’VE CHANGED In keeping with the tradition of a jazz standard on the albums the band here give a sensitive and subtle treatment to the oft-covered 1941 Carey/Fischer classic. Wonderful rhythm section playing by Gerry and John Giblin on acoustic bass.

10 BROOMFIELD HILL A minimalist piano figure starts the song in a trippy atmosphere but develops into a furious mid section - all reflecting the lyric. Martin Barre coming to the fore with fantastic soloing before the song returns to a delicate and dreamlike ending. A monumental final section to the album.

2005 album on GJS Records featuring a  diverse selection of tracks with ambitious and successful arrangements ranging from delicate impressionism, through jazz and funk to full on guitar driven heavy rock. 

Jacqui McShee - vocals

Gerry Conway - drums, percussion

Spencer Cozens - keyboards, vocals

Alan Thomson - basses, guitar

Gary Foote - saxes


John Giblin basses, Martin Barre guitars, Miles Bould percussion, Ravi kora, Leah McShee Jackson backing vocals, Nathan Bray trumpet, Barnaby Dickinson trombone, David Hughes guitar

Produced by Jacqui, Gerry and Spen

Recorded at Presshouse Studios & Studio 99  January - March 2005

Engineered by Mark Tucker, Mike Westergaard and Spencer Cozens

Mixed by Mark Tucker

Mastered by Andy Walter at Abbey Road Studios