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JOHN RENBOURN     08.08.1944 to 26.03.2015

So sad to hear the news of John’s passing.

My heartfelt condolences go out to his son’s Joel and Ben and to his only daughter Jessie. My thoughts are with them.

John was one of my oldest friends and I shall miss him. We had some great times together and a lot of fun. He was a great support to me at low times, as I hope I was to him ( he did say so ).

I feel privileged to have sat on so many stages with him all over the world and listening to him so close up.

I am so glad he was in my life.

I hope he and dear Bert will be playing together again on some higher plane.

Farewell, dear friend I’ll miss you.

With fond memories and love

Jacqui Mcshee



That which is most personal is also most universal. - Carl Rogers


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  1. John Renbourn 08.08.1944 - 26.03.12015

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  1. JACQUI MCSHEE - vocals

  2. SPENCER COZENS - keyboards, vocals

  3. GERRY CONWAY - drums

  4. GARY FOOTE - saxes, flute

  5. ALAN THOMSON - basses