1 JABALPUR A favourite show opener – a complete musical journey starting mellow but heating up to a full-on groove. Never the same twice but always packed with improvisation and energy. Listen for Ravi guesting on kora.

2 JARDIN D’AMOUR This beautiful song  almost plays itself with its flowing composition and development. Perfectly sparse accompaniment to Jacqui from the band.

3 NOTHING REALLY CHANGES Great tenor sax from Gary in this rock orientated blues about the cyclical nature of human existence. Percussion supplied by Miles Bould courtesy of the computer on stage!

4 THAT’S THE WAY IT IS (Matt’s Song) A gentle but hip groove provides the base for this tale about Jacqui’s very teenage son. Backing vocals by Alan and Spen, given an all too infrequent airing!

5 ACROBAT President ‘Dubya’ Bush provides the subject matter for a lilting arrangement of this tongue-in-cheek song, complete with four-part vocal harmony!.

6 THE BONNY GREENWOOD SIDE Gerry’s Doumbek percussion provides the setting for this spooky traditional song of ghostly tragedy. Being largely improvisational this version captures the spirit and drama of the song perfectly.

7 SANDWOOD DOWN TO KYLE Featuring great soprano sax playing by the late Jerry Underwood, this 1997 recording has the band in one of its earliest incarnations performing this epic arrangement of Dave Goulder’s song.

8 INTERLUDE This part of the show features Spen, Gary and Alan in a completely new improvisation each night. We hear the three in complete harmony on this 2009 recording.

9 NOW’S THE TIME Very different to the Feoffees’ Lands version this is Spen’s lead vocal moment, with Jacqui and Alan providing backing vocals. Although tricky,  the band handle the 7/4 time signature with grace and ease!

10 THE WIFE OF USHERS WELL. Dating from 1997 again, this recording is an early version of this great American folk song recorded on the debut About Thyme album. Always an audience favourite, this has been a mainstay of the live set. A fantastic end solo by Jerry Underwood builds the performance to a climactic finish!

11 LOVELY JOAN Traditionally the end of the second set, this song gradually builds over sequenced percussion (Miles Bould again!) through  full-on harmonised soprano sax to a dramatic drum solo finish, complete with galloping horse!

12 WE’LL BE TOGETHER AGAIN The perfect show-closer, featuring Jacqui at her delicate best with the band supplying a wonderfully mellow jazz ensemble accompaniment.

Concerts recorded live result in a special kind of energy and focus unattainable elsewhere. The band have recorded their gigs whenever possible and this selection represents  some of their best performances over the past 14 years.

There is nothing like an audience to bring out the best in a band!

IN CONCERT proves the point!

Jacqui McShee - vocals

Gerry Conway - drums, percussion

Spencer Cozens - keyboards, vocals

Alan Thomson - basses

Gary Foote - saxes

Jerry Underwood - saxes (#7,10,11)

Produced by Spencer Cozens

Recorded between 1997 and 2011 at various venues throughout the UK

Engineering by Paul Smith or Michael Meldru

Mixed and mastered at the Blue Room by Spencer Cozens