1 THE HOUSE CARPENTER Featuring the wonderful acoustic guitar playing of Alan and Jerry on sax the arrangement follows the narrative of this cautionary tale to a dramatic climax.

2 THE NIGHTINGALE A gentle poly-rhythmic groove sets the scene for this portrayal of a very traditional theme. Jerry playing wonderfully soprano sax accompanying Jacqui.

3 GYPSY COUNTESS To complete the opening trio of traditional songs the band give an old favourite a contemporary feel. Great close harmony vocals by Jacqui - the wonders of Pro-Tools!

4 THAT’S THE WAY IT IS (Matt’s Song) Jacqui’s son provides the inspiration for this song from his teenage years! Very much a departure from a traditional folk song - both in the theme and arrangement including funk sax and keyboards and brilliant percussion by Miles Bould.

5 JARDIN D’AMOUR This beautiful song, written by band favourite Pierre Bensusan, is given a delicate treatment here with John Giblin guesting on acoustic bass. Sparse but completely exact the texture is underpinned by brilliantly subtle brush work from Gerry.

6 WE’LL BE TOGETHER AGAIN A wonderful and classic 1945 Fischer/Laine standard, this song has been recorded by many great artists over the years and Jacqui shows she is there with the best. Great brushwork once again from Gerry with a masterful shift in feel for the mid solo section.

7 EDSONG Back in the present with this tale of youth and how life teaches the real lessons. Luxuriously long and lazy second section and play out never drops the groove for a second!

8 LAGAN LOVE Pure impressionism here with Jacqui solo over subtle sonic colours in this alluring arrangement of the Irish traditional song.

9 MIDNIGHT DANCE (aging Salomi) Inspiration for songs can come from unexpected places - here we have a patient in hospital who sleep dances (“....the drugs...she was a musician you know...”).  Voice and lead synth by Spen provide a suitably heady closing section.

10 JUST FOR YOU (Song for CATH) An uplifting final song about the endlessness of love and the value of every minute.


1998 Park Records release.

First official Jacqui McShee’s Pentangle album and one of the first albums to be recorded on 24bit Pro-Tools. Characteristically the band take both traditional and contemporary songs and themes giving each track an individual and classic identity with varied arrangements - never losing quality and style.

Jacqui McShee - vocals

Gerry Conway - drums, percussion

Spencer Cozens - piano, keyboards, vocals

Alan Thomson - basses, guitar

Jerry Underwood- saxes


John Giblin basses, Miles Bould percussion,

Produced by Jacqui, Gerry and Spen

Recorded at Chapel Lane Studios, Hereford  January - March 1998

Engineered by Matt Butler

Mixed by Matt Butler, Jacqui, Gerry & Spen

Mastered by Dennis Blackham at Country Masters, Surrey