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Jacqui McShee’s Pentangle is the definitive modern folk band.

Rooted in the ethos of the original Pentangle, the modern incarnation features the best musicians playing the best music.


Known for their brilliantly successful combination of traditional and non-traditional, Pentangle forged a whole new era in folk. Jacqui McShee’s Pentangle continues thus and over the decades has further refined the music and performance, constantly amazing and delighting audiences at gigs and festivals.


The original band played such stellar gigs as the Isle-of-Wight festivals (1969 & 1970), Newport Folk Festival, Fillmore East and West, Carnegie Hall and The Royal Festival Hall. Going way beyond traditional folk they created a new music rooted in jazz, folk and blues. It was no surprise that Pentangle were billed alongside greats such as Miles Davis, Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Dylan and The Band.


Pentangle founder member Jacqui McShee is the central link right back to the first days of the original band. Subsequent line-ups have always featured her unmistakeable voice and approach with the best contemporary players interpreting the songs and music in ever more diverse ways. 

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